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We capture moments that create beautiful memories. We want to inspire and be inspired by our couples. These films are about you, so we tailor each one to your unique personality and journey! Turn up the volume and watch some of our selected films below. They include trailers and a few short films. We're excited and can’t wait to hear from you!
“I never dreamed that I would find someone who challenged me to see the world in the way that you do. A man who makes me laugh and love with no restraint. A man who even after years together still gives me butterflies.” They both wrote letters to each other, shedding tears as they read them. Their wedding day was not only emotional but pure magic

Josie + Theron Trailer

 The weather was just beautiful the day Kelly and Cole were married. They went to Duncan’s Cove for their wedding photos before their sunset ceremony. They held hands, looked into each other’s eyes, and walked along the coast on the most gorgeous day in September. Sadie, their beloved dog, was also by their side throughout the day. She’s adorable. We are so lucky that we had the chance to film their special day. 

Kelly + Cole Trailer

Tara + Jordan

This wedding had us in pure awe over the beauty of each and every detail. This was such an emotional day. Tara and Jordan’s vows were so sweet we had tears in our eyes as we watched them get married. Weddings are pure magic, and this special day was no exception, they laughed, they danced, and joins hands for the rest of their lives.
What a beautiful love story. These love bird had such a magical and fun day. What we loved about this wedding day was their unique cultural flare infused through out the entire day. The joy and love they shared as they looked into each others eyes was just special!

Maria + Allain Trailer

Kelsy + Justin Trailer

A love like no other, is what we think of filming this gorgeous wedding. We were beyond excited when we meet Kelsy and Justin who were at that time expecting a beautiful bundle of joy. Whom we meet later when we filmed their wedding. What we loved about this wedding was the family dynamic,  the laughter and fun they all had, we also had a blast as well. 

Colleen + Wayne Trailer

Wayne and Colleen have such a special love story. The two met online around eight years ago and they both describe their romantic journey as a 21st Century War Love Story. When we first met Colleen we were struck by how passionately she talked about Wayne, and when we finally met Wayne we were struck by his love for Colleen. We are so grateful to have met this couple and to have captured their story, a story which shows the beauty and power of true love.

Stephanie + Gerard Trailer

This wedding was absolutely stunning! Gerard & Steph make such a beautiful couple and we were so grateful to capture their wedding day. The wedding took place in Summerville and it was magical!

Melissa + Ian Trailer

What a beautiful day it was to capture these two love birds. They tied the knot at the Atlantica Oak Island Resort. It rained like crazy, and of course you know what they say about rain on a wedding day, it means good luck and a long marriage. Read more about their love story on our blog.

Melissa + Ian Mini Feature

Melissa + Ian Feature

Natasha + Garret Main Feature

Garrett + Natasha Mini Feature

Garrett + Natasha Trailer 

Mona + Timmy Trailer

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