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Until the End of Time

When Cole first saw Kelly working as a personal trainer at the gym he was fascinated by her and had to get her number. She's blushing as she tells the story to her makeup artist who puts on the finishing touches, a bride to be excited and ready to walk towards her future husband. Kelly knew Cole was into her when he kept coming to the front desk for any random thing.

A friend then introduced them and Cole later got her number, he was sweet and Kelly adored his commitment to be near to her. They began dating and Cole bought Kelly a beautiful dog by the name of Sadie, who of course was the maid of honor at the wedding.

And how amazing was that wedding! They wanted something really special and got beautiful drone footage of the coast, the waves and beautiful skyline compliments the chemistry they shared with each other, we truly enjoyed filming this amazing couple and are very excited for the future they will have together.



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