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I Only Want to go Through this Life with You

“My love, you make me so happy and I only want to go through this life with you by my side. You’re my soulmate and you’re my best friend.” These are just some of the words Geoff expressed in his vows to Nicole. The two of them delivered the most emotional and beautiful vows on their wedding day. Their story shows how through love you can overcome any obstacle that life might send your way.

Geoff and Nicole first met online through Plenty of Fish. They quickly went from sending messages to talking on the phone and it wasn’t long before they decided to meet in person. Geoff was struck by Nicole’s beauty when he saw her for the first time and Nicole says she immediately fell for his beautiful blue eyes. It also didn’t take long for Nicole to form a special bond with Geoff's son, Liam. Together they became a family, including their dog Rue.

Unfortunately, they weren’t together very long when Geoff was in an accident. Nicole was with him every step of the way as he recovered. She was by his side during his time in the hospital helping him get better. They both say that this time in their lives showed them how through love you can conquer anything.

Geoff and Nicole share such a special bond. We had tears in our eyes as we edited their wedding film and trailer. Their love inspires us so much. It reminds us just how important our work is as videographers. We get to capture this love on film, preserving it for future generations. One day their grandchildren will be able to watch these videos and see the love between them.

Keep an eye on our website as we also filmed an extended interview with Geoff, Nicole, and Liam where you can find out more about their story.

THE TEAM | Planning: By the Amazing Bride and her Girls | Church: First United Church | Venue: Holiday Inn Truro | Photography: Wendhi Gale | Florals: Jennifer Anne's Custom Floral Designs | Hair: Holly Fredricks | Makeup: Leah Nolasco


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