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A Soldier’s Love and a Twenty-First Century War Love Story

A soldier deployed in Afghanistan met the love of his life by one click. Wayne and Colleen first met online. They were brought into each other’s lives because they were two people looking for a new start.

Colleen went online to delete her dating profile because she wanted to meet a man the conventional way, but as soon as she was about to delete her account she stumbled across a name that made her curious. The name on his profile was “Starting Over Yet Again.” She could relate to that as she too felt like she was starting over.

Their romance quickly began with emails and phone calls. Talking with Colleen was like a breath of fresh air for Wayne. Both were eager and excited to communicate. The icing on the cake was when Wayne discovered that Colleen was from Newfoundland, he always admired and loved a Newfy accent.

Despite the distance between them, they grew closer. It wasn’t long before they decided to meet in person. And when they did meet, the sparks flew.

The first date was magical. As a single mother at that time, dating was difficult for Colleen. Wayne was determined to make it so easy for her. When he asked her to go on a date she almost refused because she had to be with her son. But Wayne said he was not just asking her. He wanted to go on a date with both of them. He even asked his friends with kids how he could also win the heart of Taryn. That’s when Colleen knew this was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

We wish Colleen and Wayne all the best on their incredible journey together. <3


The Team: Planning: Kelly’s Wedding Consulting | Photography: Candice Ross Photography | Florals: Blossom Shots | Hair: Trina Weatherbee


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