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We are a team of passionate videographers who are dedicated to creating cinematic and heartfelt films. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind film that is tailored to your unique journey. We have a passion for storytelling and we take great pride in our work. Skyjen Productions is a Nova Scotia-based videography company dedicated to offering professional service at an affordable price.




Get to know Skye...
I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller. When I was young, I would write short stories for my grandmother. She was a teacher and always encouraged me to pursue my love of writing. I was also one of those kids who constantly had a book in their hands and I loved watching movies.

Through the years, I continued to pursue my love of writing. I attended Mount Saint Vincent University on a full scholarship and completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in English in 2014. During my final year at the Mount, I wrote my Honours Thesis on Jane Eyre in film, which allowed me to explore my love of books, film adaptations, and all things Jane Eyre. If you didn’t know, there have been over twenty film and TV adaptions of the novel, and I’ve watched pretty much all of them. LOL!

After completing my degree, I decided to try something different. I wanted to go into an industry that would allow me to tell stories, but also explore the visual side of storytelling further. This desire led me to NSCC. In 2017, I completed the Radio, Television, and Journalism program with a major in journalism and high 

These days you can catch me behind a camera, hitting the gym, or spending time with my family, boyfriend, and my two fur babies, Bohannon and Ripley.
Get to know Jennie....

It all started as a little girl with my brother sitting around the campfire and telling my brothers and sisters a filmed he watched. I feel in love with stories and how they are made. 

I have a degree in digital film making where I studied at New York Film Academy and later studies Television and Radio production. 


I love storytelling and am extremely passionate about it. I just love being behind the camera lens. It’s like the whole world stands still as the story unfolds. That feeling my friend is like magic. I mean it's not like the Sleepless in Seattle magic (BTW, if you haven't seen that movie it’s the bomb), but the magic that brings personal emotions, drive, and history, which all works together perfectly. Storytelling really captivates my soul.


Besides being insanely passionate about videography, I like reading, working out, and going for walks. 


Life is a gift that we all should enjoy.

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